September 29th 3:33pm - A Circus of Brits

Email to a friend: So listen to the characters I've met here. I left the Aussies about two weeks ago in Leh and went with the Brit and a few others back to Manali (the Amsterdam of India where I lost my life with the five twenty-year-old Brits). The Brit is a twenty-two-year-old physicist getting his PhD in liquid crystal technology at Oxford. He severely broke his hand when he was masturbating at the age of fourteen. He is a juggler and card trick master as well as an expert crystal ball maneuverer. He and two friends (also physicists from Manchester) went through twenty-five grams of opium in two days. He likes role-playing as foreplay, particularly in cat apparel (the man is obsessed with cats). He dabbles in guitar and slept with a prostitute in Thailand. One of the other Brits is indescribable at Devil's Sticks, hoola hoop, and the harmonica. The other is on my level with especially crazy skills- in that we have none - but he is generally under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They are all basically hilarious pharmacies.
We were with another Brit traveling alone who can't spell for the life of him, has a heavy heavy accent to the point that he sounds Scottish, and plays guitar and sings. I'm trying to get a guitar at the moment to travel with so I can learn some skill! I just want one skill. In Manali we climbed down waterfalls and tried to fish in the rivers. Well, by trying to fish in the rivers I mean one of the Brits bought some hooks and short stretches of fishing line. We watched him and smoked spliffs while he tried to catch fish with a dead worm on one of the hooks. The river had as many fish in it as Paris Hilton has morals. I left the afore-mentioned Brit circus to go to Dharamsala with a Danish guy we were all hanging out with. He has such a hot body one of the Brits started referring to him as "Viking."
He's on some crazy spiritual journey enriching his life. He plays guitar, practices yoga, and is learning Hindi. We share a flat with a German who is a very skinny six-foot-six and typically sings and dances around. He always has a smile on his face and though he hasn't spoken English in ten years, somehow is essentially fluent. We're in McLeod Ganj near Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama's residence, and I love it here. India attracts hilarious people like my life attracts klutziness and disaster!
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