June 15th, 2011 8:15am - Crazy Bitch vs Psycho Bitch

  • When a relationship ends, a crazy bitch will develop an eating disorder. A psycho bitch will fake a pregnancy.
  • When a guy breaks up with a chick and text messages her a few weeks later saying he's horny, a crazy bitch will text back, your loss. A psycho bitch will sob hysterically for two hours and demand her friend leave the guy she's hooking up with to come over and comfort her.
  • When a guy a girl's interested in visits and has to work while there, a crazy bitch will be mad. A psycho bitch will ignore the dude for hours each day. She'll pretend he doesn't exist and give him the silent treatment. She'll drop him off at her house and leave him there without a word.
  • When a male breaks up with a crazy bitch, she'll post photos of her molesting other men on Facebook. A psycho bitch will set up a fake profile to be her "boyfriend." She will change her status as in a relationship with the phony profile. She will create a boyfriend to make the ex jealous. She may photoshop pictures.
  • When a guy doesn't meet up at a bar he says he might go to, a crazy bitch will be upset. A psycho bitch will cry. In public.
  • When a boyfriend cheats on a crazy bitch, she'll break up with him. A psycho bitch will dye her hair and buy a gun.
  • After a week of dating, a crazy bitch will tell a man that she loves him. A psycho bitch will tell the dude after two days that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She will then break up with the guy.
  • When a crazy bitch is mad, she will call her boyfriend forty-three times in a row. When a psycho bitch is upset, she will threaten the boyfriend that she will hire an assassin to brutally murder him. She will use that exact phrase.
  • When a crazy bitch gets cheated on, she will put the guy's truck for sale on Craigslist. A psycho bitch will key his car. She may slash his tires.
  • When a guy tries anal sex, a crazy bitch will walk out. A psycho bitch will try to stab the dude with a kitchen knife. She'll justify it by saying that she had two abortions when she was sixteen.


Anonymous said...

love it! are any of these real?

Kara said...

Yes, they are all true! Taken from my family and friends' experiences :)

Anonymous said...

You ask are any of these true? Uhh of course. I'm an old guy and experienced similar behaviours from them all my life. Two divorces later and i'm on here checking this site out trying to figure them out.